What Works: Tools and Scorecards

Thursday, 1 nOVEMBER


Location: essex



Moderator: Carey Bohjanen, FutureWomenX

Conversation Starters:

Tom Adams, Acumen

Mark Eckstein, CDC Group

Katherine Fritz, ICRW

Session Description:

How do we measure impact? Saying the right things isn’t enough. Find out one approach to training emerging market fund managers to deliver on gender-smart investing objectives, and explore how “Lean Data” has become one of the leading approaches to measuring impact.


A Lean Data How-to Guide: Understanding Gender Impact (Acumen and Unilever)

Acumen and Unilever have partnered to bring a gender lens to impact measurement with a new toolkit designed to better understand how programs and services are affecting women and girls across the globe. Created with Acumen’s Lean Data team, the toolkit, A Lean Data How-to Guide: Understanding Gender Impact, delves into the work of five different programs within Acumen’s portfolio and Unilever’s initiatives to develop a new, highly effective framework that entrepreneurs, impact investors, corporations, donors and philanthropists can use to measure their impact on women and girls.


Carey Bohjanen

Carey Bohjanen

Tom Adams

Tom Adams

Mark Eckstein

Mark Eckstein

Katherine Fritz

Katherine Fritz

Carey Bohjanen has been operating for the past fourteen years at the interface between finance, business and society, particularly in emerging markets, to shape a better future. Her goal is to deliver outcomes that are economically viable, gender inclusive, environmentally responsible, and socially relevant. Her approach is “business as unusual” to shift mindsets to...

...address a rapidly changing business landscape. She develops forward-looking leadership responses, utilizing ecosystem-driven approaches to engage top-level finance professionals, industry leaders, policy makers and civil society. Through these multi-stakeholder initiatives and impact accelerators, she creates buy-in, levels playing fields, drives implementation and generates concrete results. Carey brings people to work together to achieve more. She builds deeply personal relationships and motivates individuals and teams to unleash untapped potential and elevate the future-making qualities required for meaningful, measurable change. She engages impact partners that share her zeal for finding new and better ways to do things. She is passionate about developing personal leadership to empower business leaders in emerging markets to deliver economic growth and impact, especially for women and girls. She is a sought-after facilitator and moderator, leveraging a range of platforms and impact partners to build capacity, tell stories and get people thinking about and acting on the issues that really matter. Carey has an established track record of building and driving successful partnerships, teams and projects across geographical and cultural divides in over forty-five emerging market and OECD countries. She is the founder and managing director of Sustainable Finance Advisory, Ltd. and a partner in FutureWomenX, a global platform for empowering women business leaders and their allies. Carey is currently based in Dubai.

Tom Adams is Chief Impact Officer of Acumen and co-leads its Lean Data Approach. Created by Acumen and launched in 2014, Lean Data helps Acumen and its companies better understand the impact of their work through the voice of the customer. Lean Data has grown rapidly since...

...its inception, empowering social enterprises and investors beyond Acumen to build impact measurement and customer-centricity into business as usual. The service is now widely recognized as one of the social sector’s most innovative approaches to impact measurement. Prior to Acumen, Tom worked for the UK Department for International Development (DFID), first as Country Economist in Nigeria and subsequently leading its Wealth Creation and Climate Change team in Ethiopia. Tom has also worked as a diplomat for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and as an Economic Advisor to various UK Government departments. He began his career working at Credit Suisse pricing equity derivatives.

Mark Eckstein is Director of Environmental and Social Responsibility at CDC Group where his responsibilities include oversight and management of E&S issues across CDCs Funds and Debt Portfolios. Prior to...

...CDC, Mark led the sustainable finance team at WWF US (2007-2013), was part of the environment and social risk management group at the International Finance Corporation (1998-2006), where he focussed on the agribusiness sector and was DFID Environmental Advisor for Africa (1994-1998).

Katherine Fritz leads the advisory practice of the International Center for Research on Women. She guides donor agencies, governments, NGOs and leading corporations on issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Katherine leads research that...

...helps build the business case for how private sector investments in gender equality can positively impact women’s wellbeing while making businesses more successful and sustainable. She has over 20 years of experience conducting international research and evaluation using a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. Her areas of expertise include conducting evaluations of social and economic empowerment programs for women and girls, leading randomized controlled intervention trials and translating research evidence into practical guidance for program practitioners, policymakers and businesses. Prior to joining ICRW in 2008, Katherine served on the faculties of Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of California, San Francisco.