Sisters – Doin’ it for Themselves!



Women in Infrastructure Development & Energy (WINDE) has grown to become one of the largest women-owned and managed investment companies in Africa. With over 2,000 women SMEs under one umbrella, WINDE is changing the way women in Africa invest in infrastructure. Unable to access traditional capital, thousands of African women got together; they innovated; they leveraged emerging tech; and they’re making a successful play in one of the toughest market sectors for women. 


WINDE Consortium

Presented by: Sharron Mcpherson

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Sharron McPherson is The Center for Disruptive Technology Executive Chair and co-founder is a former investment banker and Wall Street attorney turned social impact investor and serial entrepreneur. Sharron is a Founding Shareholder in the Women in Infrastructure Development & Energy (WINDE) Consortium, Africa’s largest women in infrastructure investment group. She also teaches...

...Project Finance at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. She’s a pioneer in NEXUS thinking and has been instrumental in the planning and development of innovative Smart City 2.0 projects in Africa and emerging Asia. Sharron was a founding board member of the Graca Machel Trust’s Women in Finance network and is a member of the Brains Trust of UnitedSucces, a global network of high impact women entrepreneurs. She sits on the Katerva Awards Council for Social Innovation. In 2015, she was recognized by the Tony Elumelu Foundation for the development of the Launchpad, an AI driven tech platform for enhancing access to STEM education. She earned a Doctorate Degree in Law (Columbia University), an honor degree in Finance from the University of Toulon (La Garde, France) and a B.A. in Economics (College of William & Mary).