Getting from Optics to Outcomes in Gender-Smart Investing



How might we examine the "emerging manager" space?  With most programs requiring managers to arrive with $100M-$300M on their balance sheets, there are promises of a highway to diversity, but few on-ramps to actually enter. Nathalie shares trends and solutions on the horizon that have a fighting chance to once and for all deliver on the promise of a fund manager landscape that is more colourful and yes, female.


Project Sage

Leapfrog: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs

Presented by: Nathalie Molina Niño

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Nathalie Molina Niño is the CEO and founder of BRAVA Investments, investing in high-growth, innovative businesses that deliver a measurable economic benefit to women. A technologist and coder by training, Molina Niño launched her first tech startup at the age of twenty. Molina Niño is also the co-founder of Entrepreneurs@Athena at the Athena Center for Leadership Studies of Barnard College at Columbia University. She has served as a business and global growth advisor to industry leaders in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, including Disney, Microsoft, MTV, Mattel, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Most recently, she stepped in as CRO of PowerToFly and led the launch campaign for Nely Galán's New York Times bestseller and company, Self-Made.