Extend the Lens: Holistic Investment Strategies to Improve Women’s Health

Thursday, 1 nOVEMBER


Location: Ampthill



Moderator: Anna de la Cruz, Linked Foundation

Conversation Starters:

Elizabeth Bailey, Reproductive Health Investors Alliance

Maria Cavalcanti, Pro Mujer

Michael Lwin, Koe Koe Tech

Session Description:

How can we advance investment in arenas such as sexual/reproductive health and a broader range of interventions that directly or indirectly impact women’s health outcomes? Join us in mapping the landscape, opportunities, and gaps for investments that improve the health of women and girls, and help us brainstorm how we can advocate for a gender-smart approach to health across the investment spectrum.


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Anna de la Cruz

Anna de la Cruz

Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey

Maria Cavalcanti

Maria Cavalcanti

Michael Lwin

Michael Lwin

Anna de la Cruz - As a Seattle-based social impact consultant, Anna brings a foundation of academic rigor to the practical questions that social enterprises and impact investors face, and helps them develop realistic social impact strategy and measurement solutions. Her sector focus is on health enterprise and...

...financial access, and she has worked with enterprises throughout the global south, though she has the most experience living and working in Latin America. Before launching her consulting practice, Anna spent several years working with the UCSF Global Health Group, Innovations for Poverty Action, the Financial Access Initiative at NYU and the University of Washington, and she has participated in a number of large-scale research studies and co-authored several publications on the impact of private sector health solutions. Gender as a social determinant to health and finding solutions that increase gender equality across sectors have been crosscutting themes of interest in all of her work. Anna holds a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on International Policy from New York University, and a Bachelor’s in International Studies from the University of Washington. She is attending the GSIS on behalf of the Linked Foundation, who she works with on an ongoing basis as a Senior Advisor. Other clients have included Qualcomm Wireless Reach, Global Partnerships, Innovations in Healthcare at Duke University and the Aspen Institute.

Elizabeth Bailey is the Director of Investments at the Reproductive Health Investors Alliance, a collaborative of foundations and investors that has come together to bring new investment, enterprise, and collective efforts into women’s reproductive health in...

...the United States. Elizabeth brings to the Alliance 15+ years of experience in impact investing and funding health innovations. She spent over a decade as a Partner with one of the first impact venture capital funds (Commons Capital LP), where she managed the health and education portfolios, generating strong financial and social returns for investors. The fund’s health portfolio included Claros Diagnostics (acquired by OPKO), CodeRyte (acquired by 3M), Combinent Biomedical Systems, HistoRx (acquired by Genoptix), Medical Metrx Solutions (acquired by AIG), TelaDoc Medical Services (IPO: TDOC) and Valeo Medical. From 2012-2017, Elizabeth served as the Founding Director of CAMTech at Mass General Hospital, where she built a global program to source, fund and accelerate innovations for unmet health needs across developing and emerging markets. Elizabeth holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a BA from Brown University.

Maria Cavalcanti is President and CEO of Pro Mujer. Ms. Cavalcanti joined Pro Mujer in 2016 and brings over 25 years of professional experience advancing women and working with...

...a wide range of business and non-profit organizations across Latin America, the United States, Western Europe, and India. Cavalcanti leads the organizations in sustainable growth by developing an extended, large-scale service and products platform to empower women throughout the region. Cavalcanti also oversees all of Pro Mujer’s operations in Latin America. Before joining Pro Mujer, Ms. Cavalcanti co-founded and became managing partner of FIRST Impact Investing, a private equity fund in Brazil. Prior to FIRST, Ms. Cavalcanti served as Chief Strategy Officer for Fundación Avina, where she spearheaded strategy and operational initiatives across the organization, spanning 15 countries. Earlier in her career, Ms. Cavalcanti worked at Dell Inc. where she was closely involved in the company’s expansion into Latin America. She also previously served as a management consultant with A. T. Kearney and TPI. Cavalcanti is recognized as a leading speaker on impact investing and financial inclusion in Latin America. She has authored multiple trade and academic articles and has served on international boards, including the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, PYME Capital Fund, and FUNDES.

Michael Lwin is the managing director of Koe Koe Tech, an IT social enterprise in Myanmar. Koe Koe Tech currently has 80 employees, 77 of whom are Myanmar nationals, 2/3rds of whom are women, with about 35 software developers, 50% of whom are women. Koe Koe Tech is building the...

...fundamental software systems for Myanmar, including but not limited to maternal and child health apps; smartphone-and-tablet-based electronic medical records; procurement and supply chain systems; digitization of tax, water, and electricity bill collection; introduction of smart water and electricity meters; case management information systems for the courts; access to justice citizenry apps featuring online directories of lawyers and civil society organizations; legal education and legal research software.