It's time

The world’s first global Gender-Smart Investing Summit, presented by our Founding Partner UBS alongside an extraordinary group of champions of the gender-smart investing movement, was an opportunity for leaders and changemakers from a range of disciplines and regions to collaborate. That was true whether your primary focus is on gender equality or the power of women making markets; or whether your commitment is around climate change, economic opportunity, education, health, human rights, or other issues. If you are gender-smart and getting smarter in how and where you invest, you joined us.

This invite-only forum brought together 300 thought leaders and game changers from a range of backgrounds to drive collaborative dialogue and leverage our collective capacity to unlock barriers to deploying capital in a gender-smart way. Together we can spark real and lasting change, move more global capital, more strategically, with a gender lens, and make a greater impact on the world.

Participants came with an open mind and a commitment to action, and were prepared to challenge and be challenged. The Summit is the platform to amplify your own commitment to deploying gender-smart capital. Forging partnerships, unlocking barriers, pooling resources, and driving action are the order of the day.

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